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We already know our pricing is the best in the industry. Let us demonstrate how we compare

HIgh Quality - Low Prices

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Three simple reasons why you should choose us as your web designer and web host

Low Prices

Our pricing is the best in the industry. Only £39.99 per hour and we charge by the half hour too

Customer Service

With someone who has your business needs and requirements at heart we are best placed to give you outstanding service too

HIgh Quality

With a large degree of cross compatibility we ensure your site is available where it matters

Technology from tomorrow

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

we have your covered with our array of services, support and special features

Search Engine Optimisation

Not getting the results you want ? We have been optimising websites for nearly 30 years. Book a Consultation on how we can help

Business Sustainability

COVID-19 has hurt a lot of businesses with lock down. Let us help you figure out ideas on how to get you back up and fighting

Accept Payments Online

Get paid directly into your account as we can help provide you with a full end to end service to grow your income


Things to Sell ? Services to Offer? We can help you get your products online and selling

Web Design

Whatever size or scale you are thinking of, we can help build your internet profile.

Free Business Consultations

15 Minute Brainstorming Session To Give you help and ideas and moving your business forward

Websitelynx don’t hold payments so, see how Shopify Uses Payments to Hold eCommerce Sellers Payments

Shopify is using payments to dictate terms to eCommerce sellers. With websitelynx, Thankfully, sellers now have another choice
— Read on

Why allow these marketplaces, a part of your business takings whilst you wait to get paid part 2/2

At websitelynx We can get you online and break the chains for you

Get your ecommerce listing on Google with websitelynx

At websitelynx We can support you and help you retrieve and keep more of your sales, rather than you using 3rd parties like Amazon, Shopify and Etsy, contact us today to see how we can help you. In addition, If you are looking for marketing opportunities then please contact our sister site at diante

get your ecommerce listed on google with websitelynx

or if you need help, training, understanding websites and the process of adding products and onsite assistance then please contact us through our training site

diante IT Training & Support training for your business with websitelynx and ecommerce support
Diante Training

Book Free ConsultationWe are committed to getting back to where small business owners have a way forward of using services that don’t take Money continuously by subscription for using 3rd party services.

We offer free consultations too at websitelynx


Free advice that is tailored to what you want!
We want to share our expertise and help our fellow businesses following the COVID-19 situation. Everything is costing more and more and we need to support small business so if you have burning SEO or web design questions? Just get in touch, We’ll then allocate a free 10-minute call with you to discuss. After that, we may follow up with helpful links or propose additional help and improvements, if required.

All too often we speak to clients who have had bad experiences with a web design company or freelancer. The most common complaint is that the end result didn’t match their expectations. This is usually down to a lack of consultation or communication before the project even begins.

We take the time to discuss your project at length with you, prior to any formal agreements or work taking place. Understanding your requirements, the needs of your business and your end goals is key to ensuring the solution we design or build not only meets your expectations, but hopefully exceeds them too.

What does the websitelynx ecommerce consultation include?

A website design consultation typically involves having a virtual meeting.
During the consultation we learn about your business, including the strengths and weaknesses of your current online offering. It is only by understanding your business, its position in the market, your competitors and what you would like to achieve online that we can create a bespoke solution to meet your needs and help put you ahead of your competitors

Don’t just imagine it …. Let’s build the dream & better ecommerce together

Quite often we meet with potential clients to discuss potential business ideas or new services they wish to offer online. Sometimes it is only by speaking to them that we can fully realise the things we can do

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and create a truly impactful online presence?

We understands that clear goals are the foundation of successful web development. That’s why we offer a free consultation to get to know you and your business, so we can tailor our designs to perfectly meet your needs.

With websitelynx, during our consultation, we’ll dive deep into your business, exploring your strengths and weaknesses, your positioning in the market, and what you hope to achieve online. Through this process, we’ll work alongside you to develop a bespoke solution that perfectly embodies your brand, ideas and achieves your goals.

We believe in empowering our ecommerce clients to make confident decisions with the advice we can give. There’s no high-pressure sales pitch here – just a passionate expert who is dedicated to helping you succeed. So why wait?

Contact us today and let us help you take your business to new heights.

PSA – Site Safety Alert

Is your site safe?

PSA: Attackers Actively Exploiting Critical Vulnerability in Essential Addons for Elementor

On May 11 2023, Essential Addons for Elementor, a WordPress plugin with over one million active installations, released a patch for a critical vulnerability that made it possible for any unauthenticated user to reset arbitrary user passwords, including user accounts with administrative-level access. This vulnerability was discovered and responsibly disclosed by security researcher Rafie Muhammed.

Google Chrome Security Update

Google Issues Warning For Billions Of Chrome Users

Google, Google Chrome, Chrome browser, Chrome update, Chrome privacy, Chrome security, Chrome upgrade, Chrome latest version
30 new vulnerabilities have been found in Google Chrome across all major platforms. NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES

Google confirmed the vulnerabilities on its Chrome blog post, revealing 30 new security flaws have been discovered in Chrome, seven of which it says pose a ‘High’ threat level to users. They affect Chrome on Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile. 

Use After Free (UAF) attacks continue to be the best path for cracking Chrome. 11 of the 30 new Chrome vulnerabilities are via UAF (a memory exploit). This method of attack has now breached Chrome security over 65 times in 2022. 

To protect users, Google has released Chrome 101.0.4951.41 which will “roll out over the coming days/weeks” but you can beat the queue by forcing Chrome to manually check for the update:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome
  2. Click Settings > Help > About Google Chrome. 
  3. Wait for Chrome to find and install the update.
  4. When prompted, restart Chrome 

This last step is crucial and Chrome will not be protected until you do. 

Google, Google Chrome, Chrome browser, Chrome update, Chrome privacy, Chrome security, Chrome upgrade, Chrome latest version
To check for Chrome updates click the 3 dots in the top-right corner, then click: Settings —Help — … [+] GORDON KELLY

Google recently admitted that the number of successful zero-day hacks of Chrome and other browsers and platforms is rising. Big tech companies are increasingly working together to combat this growing threat though, to be successful, it also requires due diligence from users. So go beat the queue and force Chrome to update right now.

Book Free Consultation

We offer Completely FREE 15 minute business consultations with a view to how we can help with your business, improving sales, exposure and your web presence

Choose the “location” of either Telephone / Zoom / Facetime for voice or video call meeting
Then choose which service you prefer:

  • Website Ideas – which covers e-commerce, sales, SEO, booking systems and data capture
  • Strategy / Marketing – which covers everything and anything from promotion to printed materials we can create
Appointment & Client Booking Websites

Take control of bookings and future appointments today today

Schedule meetings, list the services, collect payments, manage staff.

  • Best Appointment scheduling Software AppSchedule Appointments
    Clean, simple tool with powerful calendar scheduling features that can handle all your appointment bookings. Features include online booking, pos with payments and mobile apps.
  • Clients salon software management and online booking softwareManage your clients
    Maintain client relationships with advanced software management features with detailed client appointments history, booking preferences, future bookings and contact details.
  • Salon and Spa software to reduce client No ShowsReduce No-Shows
    Send automated reminders and custom messages to clients about appointments and notify them of any changes.
  • Salon Scheduling appointment dashboardActivity Dashboard
    Keep track of daily appointment scheduling activities and never miss a beat. The free dashboard displays up to date appointment bookings, online bookings, appointment cancelations and client notifications.
  • Online Bookings software for Salons and SpaOnline Bookings
    Supercharge your appointment bookings by allowing customers to book appointments online through your own website, Facebook or online booking apps. Allow clients to book, cancel or reschedule their own appointment bookings through the app.
  • Point of Sales software for Salons and SpasSales & Products
    Point-of-sale built-in, takes care of your sales transactions, invoicing, receipts, taxes and retail product management.
Zoom Meetings Being Implemented on Websitelynx

[zoom_list_meetings per_page=”5″ category=”test,test2,test3″ order=”ASC” type=”upcoming”]

Can anyone remember a time before Covid-19? As the coronavirus outbreak drags on, it’s up to us small business owners to get through the storm and make the best of, well, a pretty sucky situation.

These are challenging times, sure. But like anything else, with the right tools, and the right strategy, you can keep your business going even when a vicious, invisible, and zombie-like virus threatens to shut you down.

Sounds too good to be true? What if we told you that you already have these very tools right at the palms of your hands? We can Implement ZOOM on your website, no need to worry about unncessary Face to Face contact and social distancing with your clients

Thanks to recent integration with Zoom, you can now move your entire business to the safety of the online universe, and add online video appointments to your list of services. How about that.

What is Zoom?

Let us explain
A Cloud video conferencing services company that opened shop in San Jose, California in 2011. It provides an easy, intuitive remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, webinars, and mobile collaboration.

Zoom video conferencing

While Zoom was doing great even before the coronavirus outbreak, the new reality of social distancing and remote work has skyrocketed their popularity to the point that their stock has jumped more than a 100% (!) since February.

The reason? Everybody’s online right now. Family and friends, professores, teachers, students, doctors, coaches, consultants, lawyers – we all want to stay connected and Zoom is the app that keeps us all together.

Zoom video conferencing

How to Get Started With Online Video Appointments

Our integration with Zoom means you can now offer and sell online video appointments as easily as you were used to selling in-office, face-to-face appointments in the Pre-Coronian era.

All you need to do to get started is connect your Zoom account to your web account.