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If you want the best prices in web design, with the technical skills and experience to match then you have found the right place ! 

websitelynx began building websites nearly 30 years ago when very few people were online, compared to the majority of the world, as it is today.

Whether you are a  small business or a new startup business or simply an eBay seller who now wants to sample the independence of your own website and we can provide that for you at a price to suit your specific needs.

We welcome, Beauticians, Physiotherapists, Services, Plumbers, Electricians, Joiners and General Tradesmen can quickly get established with us and we can link your social media profiles to your web pages as well as well as offer great ideas on how to maximise your online presence. We can provide ideas online booking systems and even help you take payments in advance of booking your services.

Happy to serve across our local area which is Dinnington/Aston/Thurcroft/Worksop (just off J31 of the M1), but will serve a wide area covering Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. We keep our costs low by offering remote services and support to meet your budget

Our prices are fairly laid out and transparent so you can see where things are based on a costings basis, but happy to tailor something specific if needed

I have a lifetimes worth of experience which started 36 years ago programming the first home computers (Sinclair zx80s) at a very tender age. I moved across several sectors of industry, but I have garnered experience from a variety of roles:

Here’s five reasons why my experience means you are safe in the knowledge you have a professional who has built a career in training, coaching and development whilst working:

1. Working as an IT professional in corporate government, training staff and internal customers in how to use PC’s and Macs as well as software.

I was a procurement officer buying the latest technology for use in corporate government officers.

2. I spent a few years working at some “blue chip” employers such as Apple delivering workshops and their One to One training. I’m a big Apple fan and have been using their equipment for 35 years!
Working at Apple was a career highlight but also an opportunity to train end users how to use computers, Apple software and operating systems. If you want training you can book on our Training website here

3. I worked for several IT companies privately installing computer equipments, software and managing computer networks professionally. In the mid 90s I began web designing before the inception of Google and its been a wondrous experience to see how the industry has changed over the years.

I have worked in IT support across Government here in the UK and also the Czech Government getting them online as well in the 90s

Websites help give people the autonomy to get their business, ideas and dreams off the ground and we can help with that from conception of ideas to the finished product.

4. I believe in great customer service and also in ensuring people are given the tools to make the most out of their websites. Honesty and giving the best solutions to meet your needs and requirements no matter how big or small.

5. During the 90s, I worked in the entertainment industry sub contracted to Warner Bros. and EMI Records where I was managing publications and printing promotional material, I have extensive design and publishing experience which has seen me on a 35 year journey using advanced software from Photoshop to Dreamweaver and back again. This experience has ensured that not only have I worked with high profile clients but that I can also use this to give high level experience at low cost to people just starting out. If you are a band or a musician or someone wanting to set up doing musical training lessons for others yourself, we can help and have some great industry stories to share.

Call me today 🙂