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Anything bespoke is “custom made”, “made to order”. It’s anything that has been designed specifically with you in mind, a product that has been created and crafted to meet you or your companies specific needs.

Bespoke Packages work as follow, with our work flow and process described in four stages
We put into a site what you want with all costings clearly explained.

Stage 1:

How We Work – Keeping It Simple & the 4 Stages to finalising your website

After an Initial discussion (by Phone, Zoom or Facetime) We find out your requirements and come back by email with a “rough estimate price quote” on how long we expect the work to take to complete, without amendments. This can vary depending on changes made.

Our rate is £39.99 per hour but we charge by the half hour to help keep your costs down even further.

We are one of few web design companies operating that charge by half hourly rates where possible. 

Stage 2:

Content and Provision of information needed  

  • Once you agree its OK for us to proceed. Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions.
    Then, via email or in writing, we will seek:
  • 20% of the total cost, none-refundable deposit to make a start on the work.
    This amount is taken off the final invoice.
  • The content you want on each page. Eg, An “About Us” page will need provision of the contact details you want on the page
  • We will obtain the text for each “page/section” and the content you want on each “page/section”
  • Photographs need to be supplied in the correct size and aspect ratio.
  • Changes to photographs provided is chargeable. 
  • Annotations of photograph descriptions where appropriate. (ie, “this is a picture of the Boss”)
  • Any additional requests need to be made at this stage. We may ask questions to help us better understand your needs, as we explore your needs to ensure we have the correct understanding

Stage 3

For Your Approval – The Testing Server
Adjustments / Alterations and Changes.

  • When we have completed the “build” of your site we will provide you with a temporary website link to review the work and give you an opportunity to make  and suggest adjustments / alterations
  • We will make text adjustments up to TWENTY (20) Words for FREE. More text alterations than this is chargable. This is why its important that information is supplied to us at Stage 2 as requested to negate the need for endless changes. 
  • We are happy to continue making revisions/changes/adjustments/alterations at our usual hourly rate (£39.99)
  • We do not continue working past the original brief given to us in Stage 2 for free.  
  • For Consistency, we only take direction from the person who has instructed the commencement of the project

Stage 4:

Approval and Go Live !

When you have given us your approval that any changes you required in Step 3 are Ok, we will upload your website to your own domain name once the final invoice is paid in full.

You can even visit our partner website diante training for training on your site and managing a website if you so wish.