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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and AdWords provide optimum targeting of high traffic key phrases. However, in terms of internet marketing, they differ. The following takes a look at the various differences between SEO and AdWords.

SEO And AdWords
SEO is a process of us correcting your existing website or text on web pages. SEO optimises your site in terms of keywords and articles present in your web pages. By optimising these components, search engines recognise your site and place your site in prime position on the search results.

Adwords, another internet marketing option, is advertising that enables you to place your advertisement on the top or right hand side of the search results pages on Google and other affiliate websites. Internet users type in keywords relating to your product or service and your advertisement is pulled and placed onto the search results page. The visitor then clicks on your advertisement and it takes them directly to your website. The advertiser will however pay each time someone clicks on the advert, as AdWords runs on the pay per click system.

Differences Between SEO and AdWords

  • Adwords targets numerous variations that you have around particular keywords.
  • SEO targets high traffic keywords mentioned in your website.
  • AdWords advertising is instantaneous in seeing optimum results.
  • The SEO process on a website takes time before seeing optimum results i.e. an average of 3 months.
  • AdWords run on websites that register for Google Ads, the Google Search Engine and on Google Affiliate Sites.
  • SEO can optimise the site’s position, moving it up the ranks, ultimately moving it to the 1st page on Google.
  • With AdWords a client pays for each click a visitor makes on their advertisement, this could be costly.
  • Adwords is a rapid method in generating your sales and leads.
  • If an AdWords client stops paying for a placement of their ad, their ad is pulled immediately.
  • If SEO is stopped, the ranking of their website decreases over a period of time. Moving their site down the ranks, from a ranking of 1 to eventually a ranking of 8 or numerically higher.
  • SEO will not make your site appear if the visitors search is not relevant to the keywords you have chosen in correlation to your website.
  • Google AdWords prime competitors are Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.
  • SEO does not have any known competitors as of yet.
  • AdWords does not charge a fixed price for keywords, a client bids on the keywords that you want to display your ads.
  • SEO should be done on a regularly or at least annual basis.
  • SEO also optimizes the quality and quantity of incoming links to your website.
  • AdWords pulls immediate traffic from the start of the campaign. This is useful for new websites or services and products that are seasonal.
  • SEO requires the involvement and cooperation of the client in terms of modifying a current website. Clients must be prepared for certain modifications, even a possible redesign of their site.
  • Clients receive a detailed performance report that is available to them on demand.