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What are Adwords?

Google Adwords is the part of Google’s results that you can pay for to get ads listed in the priority of who is paying the most and what Google deems most appropriate for the search

Explained Quite Simply:

  • Limited by your budget, but it can be Instant, you can get straight to the top of Google in a short space of time.
  • You can get alot more traffic, on top of what you already get from SEO (search engine optimisation
  • Control what you spend. You can set your budget, but ensure you are competitive.
  • Keywords are important. Decide what your business is mainly targeting
  • Make it location Specific. Eg, England, Sheffield or by County.
  • its all about PPC  Pay per click. If you set a monthly budget of £1, you can set it so you can get 10 clicks per £1 at 10p each click
  • Report building is built in.
  • Google has an anti fraud system designed to prevent repeated clicks and abuse

We have over 10 years experience  in managing these sorts of campaigns and also we have the advantage of being trained by the Institute of Direct Marketing.

What’s the best thing about PPC?

Unlike SEO, with PPC you can get straight to the top of Google in no time at all, and everything such as the cost per click, the amount you spend, the number of conversions are all recorded. We believe PPC should be atleast considered as part of any online marketing strategy, and that used in tandem with SEO can provide a very healthy return on investment.


One thought on “Google Adwords Administration

  1. Hi I was following your van up the M1 this morning and took your details.
    We are a family run Pest control business and use ppc’s we recently had a “New web page” made but was copied from our previous web page and we’re not happy!
    I currently do PPC’s but no overly confident. Business has been slow for the last year and need to do something to get us work.

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