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We offer a superb full database driven ecommerce solution which you can see from the screenshots below:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 08.16.07
To demonstrate “product control” and how it looks from the view of a customer and the view at the administration end we have uploaded a couple of images to illustrate this

The first image is a product page to a collectable CD website and is shown below:


Now, we well demonstrate what the administration area would look like for this product (which is secured by a user name and password) and how it can be customised in many different ways:

As you can see we have many options to configure and arrange stock in our back end systems to give you, FULL control on:

  • prices,
  • Stock inventory,
  • postage,
  • categorisation,
  • Discounts,
  • Tax,
  • front page showing latest items
  • Shipping Weight,
  • release dates of product,
  • FREE MERCHANT > by way of accepting Debit or Credit Cards for FREE
  • sale items as well as many other configurables

Contact us for more information and how we could set something up for you.

Whether its for 30 products or ten thousand we can present something that fits your company goals.